Toronto Mannequins in Store Windows

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All over the City of Toronto there are mannequins in store windows doing the difficult job of looking human to bring high fashion clothing to life and make shops appear more humane. Here are some interesting pictures from big brand stores and second hand fashion retailers.

As seen on Queen West where the street meets King and Roncesvalles Ave there's a trendy vintage clothing shop with headless mannequins modeling summer fashions. By and large the mannequins on Queen Street West are headless - the store windows communicate clothing styles without emotion or any lifestyle implications.

At Harry Rosen, the figures in the window suggest a posh and sophisticated lifestyle choice. These are clothes for important people.

Harry Rosen Mannequin suggests an upscale lifestyle choice

And if the passer-by happens to have another cultural perspective, there's another window on the opposite side of the same entrance to catch his or her eyes and hopefully plant a seed or spark the impulse to buy these garments.

Harry Rosen black plastic mannequin in Yorkville

The mannequins in Yorkville have their heads held high. Their eyes are always pointed out toward the street and up, never down (in shame). Even when the store window is above the would-be shopper's head, these plastic people will never look down. Their proud heads are held high in great confidence. Look at the wonderful half mannequin legs showing lacy red stockings. Earlier versions of this piece would only have legs and not the midsection, with black panties, as seen below.

Mannequin on Cumberland Ave

There are some exceptions to the proud head rule in Yorkville and that includes the headless maternity mannequins at Carry a high fashion maternity wear store on Cumberland Ave. These headless women all show how possible it is to still look beautiful with a big belly while expecting a baby.

maternity mannequins are plastic models

I will add more images and stories as I find them this summer. Keep checking back. Ping me if you know of any good stores with good displays or better yet send me the pictures and notes, and I will add them to this blog post.


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