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Interior decoration for retail stores is not simply aesthetically pleasing art, its fiscally responsible science .Successful business owners need to learn this discipline to build effective stores that can more efficiently showcase merchandise in a calm and uncluttered environment. Shoppers don't like distractions. And they don't like dark stores with cramped aisles and poorly conceived layouts will ill-fitting shelves that diminish the shopping experience and downplay the quality of the goods for sale.Archer Dental renovating front desk and waiting room area

Dr Natalie Archer seen above in 2014 renovated her dental clinic waiting room to have a friendlier receptionist desk complete with a cascading bubble wall. Both fixtures help put her clients more at ease when they wait for dental surgery. The same rules apply for retail stores. The front counter (which should not be up front of store as per this earlier blog post) can also be mildly intimidating to many consumers.

The checkout counter should be a welcoming shrine of consumer confidence and in some ways its quality should 'match' the quality of the consumers your store hopes to attract. Look at the image below from a country magazine showing the ladies in a small town dress shop. See how this old fashion front sales counter perfectly matches the decor and marvel at how efficient that display is for featuring specialty items - its full of merchandise, and yet seems uncluttered.

old fashion dress boutique sales counter

A retail store checkout counter should never be 'unhandy' for the shoppers or the sales staff. See below how our friend at A2ZPC repair on Dundas St West didn't like the small box windows in the back of the cabinet and asked us for better counters with merchandise more easily accessed and ones that would better display their wide array of electronic merchandise..

awkward sales counter in retail store in Toronto

Awkward fixtures are not only unhelpful for closing business transactions, but they can be unsafe. Many store owners with bad shelving or bulky wall cabinets that do not quite fit their space have bruises on their legs and arms from constantly bumping into their furniture. Bad fixtures can also promote crime.

Another issue with the Toronto PC repair shop's interior store cabinets was the heat inside the boxes. Some of these sales cabinets were parked in the sun of course as the shop is sunny and warm. But the sunlight heat was detrimental to the products in storage and offered limitations for 'playing' anything that would make even more heat in these ventilated chambers. The shop owner asked us for counters with increased ventilation and this problem was solved, or will be, by moving some ventilation resources into the bottoms of the new counters seen below.

two shelf glass aluminium fornt desk sales counter for retail stores

Sales counter showcases including the glass and aluminum display showcases for retail stores seen above are key ingredients to planning eye-catching and appealing displays. This beautiful glass box is being altered for the PC repair shop to have a perforated bottom so staff should not be afraid to try something different or play any device they like behind the glass.

With so much selection available to retail store owners today, there's no excuse for  awkward shops with inefficient store fixtures that diminish the pleasure of shopping.



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