Mannequin Adds to Hogtown's Super Slam Wrestling Story

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Proof that mannequins can make any display of apparel more human just happened at the most recent Hogtown Wrestling event in downtown Toronto last weekend. The tall white male mannequin we donated to the administrators graced the stage at the very front of the auditorium, and made a big impact on the audience. And he impacted the wrestlers too, one in particular.

Ablelin mannequin at wrestling show in Toronto

Hogtown's Sunday June 4th 2017 Super Slam Five extravaganza was a fantastic exhibition of wrestling form. Our mannequin added to this energetic event by simply remaining stationary in the background.

Hogtown Wrestling TV Title Belt on plastic mannequin

The administrators used our mannequin to bring to life their TV Title Belt. This is the single greatest award to which all the Hogtown wrestlers aspire, and showing it off on stage like this was meaningful on so many levels.

wrestling belt at Super Slam Five

All through the Super Slam spectacle our white male plastic mannequin remained upright with the TV Title Belt affixed to its torso.  It served as a statuesque reminder of the highest honour each individual wrestler could achieve in this tournament. See below how the towering figure on stage seems to stand in judgement of the warriors struggling to score below.

The mannequin played an important role in the proceedings by reminding everyone of the glorious victory that could be theirs when and if they take the TV Title belt.

There were ten wrestlers ready to take the belt and all of these athletes had been waiting years for their chance (except for two heroes who were past Champions). So on that fateful Sunday afternoon the administrators of the League decided on a Round Robin tournament style with five matches of one on one wrestling leading to a final Five Man Circle Match to decide the new Champion.

And that's just what happened. The final five wrestlers squared off against each other, every man for himself, in the last and most exciting match of the event.

It was during this final showdown that Rage chased Nick Watts up onto the stage area and they had a scuffle near the plastic mannequin. The audience gasped as Rage got set to 'pounce' his signature move and Nick pushed the Mannequin into his path to make his escape.

Below is the exact moment when Nick Watts sidestepped Rage's pounce and put our mannequin in his path. Whamo!

rage impacts the abelin mannequin

The mannequin's chest was crushed into impact but it was Rage that came up dazed and confused, sportiing a bloody scalp. This was not ketchup - its real blood. Our plastic mannequins hit hard!

Sadly, for this dummy (the mannequin) it was his last act of retaliation. The unit's arms and legs came off, and the head and chest fell down into the crevice between the wrestling ring and the stage.

To the horror of the other wrestlers, (and yet much to the delight of the crowd) the broken mannequin's arms and legs then became blood-soaked weapons for wrestlers! See below how Rage, now recovered from his misapplied pounce used the mannequin arm to pummel D-Man!

Let it be known we do not condone this kind of violence in real life and we hope that our store fixtures are never used to hurt other people, unless theyre wearing wrestling tights and have been specially trained on how to take a mannequin arm in the face.

D-Man dominated the match in the end and won the title belt and the stage was suddenly filled with the 'evil wrestlers' who now seem to have the upper hand in that story-filled wrestling league this summer. One thing is certain, despite losing a high quality male plastic mannequin in the last grand slam, Ablelin Store Fixtures remains committed to Hogtown Wrestling and will continue to sponsor and provide for all the organization's retail display needs.


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