slatwall accessories - slatwall shelf bracket

Slatwall accessories - Slatwall shelf brackets - SW8KB,SW10KB, SW12KB, SW14KB, SW16KB

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Slatwall shelf bracket, 6, 8, 10,12,14,16 - inch long , for glass shelf , wood shelf, bullnose shelf,

Shelf rest can be put on to avoid shelf moving,

Suitable for Slatwall panel, display, slat grid,

Available in chrome, black and white, ( 16 - inch one only in chrome).

SKU: KL2810-6B for black, KL2810-6C for chrome, KL2810-6W for white 6- inch brackets

SKU/AB Code: SW8KB for chrome 8 - inch brackets

SKU: KL2810-8B for black, KL2810-8W for white 8 - inch brackets

SKU/AB Code: SW10KB for chrome 10 - inch brackets

SKU: KL2810-10B for black, KL2810-10W for white 10 - inch brackets

SKU/AB Code: SW12KBB for black, SW12KB for chrome, SW12KBW for white 12 - inch brackets

SKU/AB Coder: SW14KB for chrome 14 - inch brackets

SKU: KL2810-14B for black, KL2810-14W for white 14 - inch brackets

SKU: SW16KB for chrome 16 - inch brackets


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