Jewelry display cases - One third vision jewelry display case - WD34MT, WD34B,WD35MT,WD35B,WD36MT,WD36B

Sale price $618.33 Regular price $867.00

1/3 vision wood jewelry display showcase, glass cases, display cabinets,

available in maple and black,

48, 60 and 72 - inch long, 20 - inch wide, 38 - inch high,

All glass tempered, Durable melamine laminate surface,

This item is shipped knock down.

SKU/AB code: WD34MT for 48" maple finish

                       WD34B for 48" black finish

                       WD35MT for 60" maple finish

                       WD35B for 60" black finish

                       WD36MT for 72" for maple finish

                       WD36B for 72" black finish

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