Gridwall shelf bracket

Gridwall shelf bracket - GW12KB, GW14KB

Regular price $3.60

Gridwall shelf bracket,

Available in 8,10,12 and 14 - inch long.

black, white and Chrome finish.

SKU/AB Code: GW12KB for 12 - inch chrome, GW14KB for 14 -inch chrome

SKU: KL2606-8C for chrome, KL2606-8B for black, KL2606-8W for white 8 - inch bracket

 KL2606-10C for chrome, KL2606-10B for black, KL2606-10W for white  10- inch bracket

KL2606-12B for black, KL2606-12W for white  12- inch bracket

KL2606-14B for black, KL2606-14W for white  14- inch bracket

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