Folding wire dump bin - DP24, DP18, KL3809

Regular price $95.69

Folding wire dump bin with 4 positions to adjust the shelf. Packed in flat bar, easy to ship and carry.

Available in black, white and chrome finish,

12 x 12 x 33 -inch high, 18 x 18 x 33 - inch high or 24 x 24 x 33 - inch high.

SKU/AB code: DP18B for black, DP18W for white, DP18 for chrome 18 x 18 x 33 - inch dump bin

DP24B for black, DP24W for white, DP24 for chrome 24 x 24 x 33 - inch dump bin

SKU: KL3809B for black, KL3809W for white, KL3809C for chrome 12 x 12 x 33 -inch dump bin

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