4 way gridwall display, Gridwall mobile tower
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Gridwall display stands - 4 way gridwall display, gridwall mobile tower - GWD44, GWD45, GWD46, GWD47, GWD48

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4 way gridwall display, Gridwall mobile tower,

Includes 4 gridwall  panels, 12 gridwall connectors and a 4 way base with 4  casters.

Available in black, white and chrome finish,

Gridwall size for the display is 2'x4', 2'x5', 2x6', 2'x7', 2'x8'.

SKU/AB code: GWD44B, GWD44W, GWD44 for 2x4 - foot black, white and chrome

                       GWD45B, GWD45W, GWD45 for 2x5 - foot black, white and chrome

                       GWD46B, GWD46W, GWD46 for 2x6 - foot black, white and chrome

                       GWD47B, GWD47W, GWD47 for 2x7 - foot black, white and chrome

                       GWD48B, GWD48W, GWD48 for 2x8 - foot black, white and chrome

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