slatwall accessories - slatwall wire safety hooks
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Slatwall accessories - slatwall hooks - slatwall wire safety hooks ---KL2817

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1/4 - inch Slatwall wire safety hooks.

Available size: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12 - inch.

Available finish: black, white, chrome, and satin chrome. (9 - inch available in chrome and satin chrome only)

SKU: KL2817-4C, KL2817-4B, KL2817-4W, KL2817-4STS,

        KL2817-6C, KL2817-6B, KL2817-6W, KL2817-6STS,

        KL2817-8C, KL2817-8B, KL2817-8W, KL2817-8STS,

        KL2817-10C, KL2817-10B, KL2817-10W, KL2817-10STS,

        KL2817-12C, KL2817-12B, KL2817-12W, KL2817-12STS,

        KL2817-9C, KL2817-9STC

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